Friday, February 24, 2006

Aeon Flux

Bit of a weird film this and I guess it came about following the success of Underworld and its sequel, I can only assume saw a market niche of leading women in slinky outfits and tried to continue milking it.

Charlieze Theron plays Aeon a catsuit wearing assasin who can crawl faster than I can run and who is sent on a mission to kill a bad guy called Trevor, the leader of a city responsible for the death of Aeon's sister. Assisted by her friend who has hands for feet but oddly not feet for hands she soon discovers that not everything is what it seems, and Trevor might actually be a nice guy after all!

The film is based on an animated series that used to air on MTV and which I didn't get into for it's skinny character graphic style. The film is a condensed version of the story and it tells. There is no reason in the film for her friend to have four hands for example, but within the context of a longer running story with more room for character back story it probably would have made more sense.

The cartoon also lacked much dialogue, which perhaps explains why there isn't much of it in this film. Set designs are impressive but they over used a corridor set that looked like a huge vent. With the fortune clearly spent in building it I guess they had to get their money's worth. It's also slightly different to most Sci-Fi movies in that a lot of it takes place during the day and not at night, which I liked.

There are continuity mistakes such as ending one scene with the line "don't walk on the grass" after blades shoot out of it and in the very next shot we see the characters walking on the grass to enter a building.

There is one reason for watching it though, and that's Charlieze in her skimpy suits. If you enjoyed watching Kate Beckinsale in Underworld then you'll like this for the same reason. I certainly did! Well done to the executive who came up with this idea, can we have more?
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