Friday, December 12, 2008

PS3 Home

Sony finally released Home, their social networking application for the PS3. Initial overloading of the app prevented people from getting onto it for the first week, but once that was sorted it seems to be a whole lot more stable.

But there's not a great deal to do to keep people there. The US one has game specific locations such as a Red Bull Air Race game. However in the UK all we have is one mall, a bowling alley, a cinema and a communal park type area. I'm sure we'll get similar once the commercials are sorted.

The only thing that has given me a reason to revisit Home is the running man record breaking attempt. I've managed to lead a group of 10. As stupid as it is it seems to be the one activity that can bring a group of disparate people together.

Lack of beard aside I think the likeness is there :D
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