Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tiesto @ Victoria Park

25,000 people gather in East London to see the "biggest DJ in the world"(TM) and once again I was there, now the fifth time I've seen him.
Warm up act on a very warm day were Hadouken, Calvin Harris and Sneaky Soundsystem

Cyber bunnies not impressed with Hadouken (they were just going for a drink really!)

Somehow this little kid managed to gatecrash an over 18s event. His mum was trying very hard to make him wear these ridiculous headphones. If you're wondering why its looking empty
a) its still early
b) the area immediately in front of the stage was called the gold circle and the tickets were more expensive. It meant those of us in the cheap area couldn't get close to the stage unless we were prepared to leap the no-mans land between the barriers and evade the security...which provided a lot of laughs during the days events.

and who's that strolling off beer in each hand?

Sneaky Sound System from Oz were pretty good even if the lead singer did look like Justin Lee Collins

That's what 25 thousand people look like. The crowd were very friendly actually and there was an amazing vibe all day.

Tiesto came out a little earlier than expected catching most of the VIP lot off guard who had to come running into the gold circle en masse.
Not sure who this clown is? Someone who managed to blag a press pass by the looks of things. His pics can be seen here.

The soon to be Mr and Mrs White, beers in hand.

Being in the privileged circle, Adam was able to borrow my camera and take some close ups. Thanks Adam!

Supposedly there was a bigger police presence today than at all the other events that had taken place in the week, but I think that's because they knew the music would be good. At the queue line in there were lots of people being pulled over and randomly searched. I only saw 2 arrests at that time.

The light starts to go down and the lights start to go up!

Some clown decided to climb the speaker stack and he was being very brazen up there, dancing whilst not holding on etc. I think there were a lot of people filming in the hope he'd slip.

Hey look, I have a little man dancing on my finger!

Arm the confetti cannon and FIRE!

Clown up the scaffolding was soon joined by 2 others and quite understandably the organisers cut the sound and would only put it back on when they came down, which they did to a barrage of boos and no doubt some waiting officers at the bottom.


Flame throwers

Ticker tape cannons


Lights on arms that moved and a cheap "let me hear you" message to the crowd. Actually the visuals were superb, and probably the best I've seen him use.

and here he is at the end throwing his earphones into the crowd.

A wonderful show on a day with wonderful weather and a wonderful crowd. What more could be asked for!

oh, yeah some youtube clips from people who were happy to film the event on their phones so I didn't have to.

Rock anthem given the trance remix early on in the set.

Cheesy sing-a-long lets get the crowd as one tune...

Some of his own tunes
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