Saturday, December 04, 2010

2010 - In Review...

New capitals cities that I visited.
Abu Dhabi

New parks that I visited.
Tineretului Park, Romania
Herastrau Park, Romania
Mitcham Fair, UK (travelling)
Clapham Common Fair, UK (travelling)
Slaskie Wesole Miasteczko, Poland (but only got to look, it was closed due to the leader's death)
Szczesliwice, Poland
Deadwood, NC
Morey's Piers, NJ
Waldameer, PA
Seabreeze, NY
Darien Lake, NY
Martin's Fantasy Island, Canada
Marineland Theme Park, Canada
Canada's Wonderland, Canada
Huangcun Park, China (but the only coaster was closed)
Beijing World Park, China
Aoyun Fuwa Paradise, China
Sun Park, China
Happy Valley Beijing, China
Beijing Shijingshian Amusement Park, China
Tianjin Zoological Gardens, China
Tianjin Water Park, China (but the 2 coasters were closed)
Long Rainbow Park, China (but the coaster had gone)
Nandaihe International Amusement Park, China
Lertao Ocean Park, China
Shanghai People's Park, China
Shanghai Century Park, China
Gongqing Senlin Park, China
Space City, China
Happy Valley Shanghai, China
Jin Jiang Action Park, China
Heping Park, China
Zhongshan Park, China
Suzhou Amusement Land, China
Suzhou Giant Wheel Park, China
China Dinosaur Park, China
Hongshan Zoo, China
Nanjing Pearl Spring Tourist Resort, China
FanataWild Adventure, China
Zheshan Park, China
Luxun Park, China
Shanghai Zoo, China
Palm Beach Resort, China
Shanghai Ocean Park, China (but the coaster was not running)
Mitcham Status Fair, UK (travelling)
Flamingo Park, UK
Brockwell Park, UK (travelling)
Fort Fun Amusement Park, UK
Harbour Park, UK
Clacton Pier, UK
Teignmouth Pier, UK
Sparkey's, UAE
Ferrari World, UAE
Fun City, UAE

New coasters ridden
I'm not going to list them all but there were 139 new ones!
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