Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 Year in Review

So how did I do?

This is what I had planned. I've crossed off the ones I achieved.

Capital Cities
Cape Town

New Parks
Ratanga Junction, South Africa
V&A Waterfront, South Africa (the coaster had been replaced with a wheel)
Magic Company, South Africa
Gold Reef City, South Africa
Pretoria West Showgrounds, South Africa (travelling) (wasn't open when we were there)
Chariots Entertainment Centre, South Africa (no longer has the indoor theme park)
Kolmarden Djurpark, Sweden
Skara Sommarland, Sweden
Funcenter, Portugal
Isla Magica, Spain
Seville Fair, Spain
Bayern Park, Germany
Freizeit-Land Geiselwind, Germany
Schloss Thurn, Germany
Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany
Belantis, Germany
Erlebniswelt Seilbahnen Thale, Germany
Potts Park, Germany
Schloss Beck Freizeitpark, Germany
Dusseldorf Fair, Germany (travelling)
Nurburgring, Germany (never opened it's ride)
Walygator Parc, France
Schwaben Park, Germany
Genclik Parki, Turkey (Turkey never happened)
Kecioren Park, Turkey
Basak Park, Turkey
Luna Park, Turkey
Goksu Park, Turkey
Demetevler Parki, Turkey
Ada Park, Turkey
Cevahir Mall, Turkey
Kucuk Ciftlik Park, Turkey
Bostanci Luna Park, Turkey

Will be approximately 121

As it happens I managed to squeeze in the following new parks

Hempshill Lane Recreation Ground, UK
Southglade Park, England
Dudley Zoo, England
Hook Lane Arena, England (travelling)
Eastcote Fair, England (travelling)
Barry Island Pleasure Park, Wales
Coney Beach Pleasure Park, Wales
Hampstead Heath Lower Easter Fair, England (travelling)
Wanstead Flats Easter Fair, England (travelling)
Clarence Pier, England
Southsea Fairgrounds, England (travelling)
Rose Hill Fair, England (travelling)
Skara Sommerland, Sweden
Aspedalen Tivoli, Sweden (travelling)
Pleasurewood Hills, England
Mack's Amusements, England
Pleasure Island Family Theme Park, England
Rainbow Magicland, Italy
Oasi Park, Italy
The Hoppings, England (travelling)
Luebeck Lunapark, Germany (travelling)
Erse Park, Germany
Serengeti Park, Germany
Didiland, France
Silkeborn Regatta, Denmark (travelling)
Faarup Sommerland, Denmark
Djurs Sommerland, Denmark
Tivoli Friheden, Denmark
Hamburg Sommerdom, Germany (travelling)
Tolk Schau, Germany
Sommerland Syd, Denmark
Rømø Lege- & Hesteland, Denmark
Legoland Billund, Denmark
Pavilion Fun Park, England
Legoland Windsor, England
Nottingham Goose Fair, England (travelling)
Hull Fair, England (travelling)
Gullivers Warrington, England
Wallis's Family Fun Fair, England
Barnard Park Fair, England (travelling)
Winter Wonderland '11, England (travelling)

and I ended riding 152 new coasters, which is stupid
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