Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Orleans General Sightseeing

Just a random selection of New Orleans photos

This is the hotel I was staying at. Hotel Indigo, I recommend it as it has a great location with the street car immediately outside, and there's a supermarket over the road where you can stock up on stuff.

The main road has a few restaurants along it. Head East and you'll eventually get into the French Quarter. I walked it in around 30 minutes. The universities are to the West.

The street cars are great and a cheap means to get about. Fares are $1.25 for a single journey or you can get a daily pass for $5, a real bargain.

A reminder of darker days.

Architecture around the city is a nice mix of old and new and there are lots of different styles.

A statue of General Robert E Lee not far from the Confederate Museum.

The National WWII Museum is a huge 2 part building complex. I'll do a different post on this one.

I'm assuming booting is our clamping. The idea of a physical booting tickled me.

Nice jazz themed mural.

The sort of water town they use in theme parks. Here's one for real. I couldn't spot any snipers up there, bet they have a great view!

I have no idea who Pig Slayer is but I like his van!

The balconies are synonymous with the French style. During Mardi Gras people throw beads from them onto the parade.

Down at the seafront. I recommend the Gumbo at the place under the umbrella on the right.

The Mississippi river.

St Louis Cathedral

An English speaking city with a French and Spanish history makes this place a great mix

Bourbon St is a true 24-hour party place with drinks, food, bars, entertainment and other stuff available any time of day. At night the freaks come out like this weird chap on stilts.

George Rodrique is a local famous artist and the staring blue dog is a common picture around the city.

Around the back of the cathedral.

Gallier Hall on Lafayette Square

On the second day I explored the garden district south of the hotel.

A great use of steel drums!

Cool bike

Even the older buildings have character.

The Pontchartrain hotel was just a few minutes east of the hotel I was staying at. It's allegedly the most famous hotel in the city.

Tulane Univesity

Loyola University

This small area just off Bourbon Street had some great jazz music and some OK food. I was looking forward to having a Po'Boy sandwich but it wasn't all that. The bread was a bit dry for my liking. 

Inside Yo Mama's which is a superb little bar and food joint. Their burgers are superb and I liked the food so much I went back a few days later. Calorie overload but the place was great. 

Some more photos in the French quarter.

This is an old style property.

More of those staring dogs.

Wrestlemania was in town (part of the reason why I was here) and a couple of merchandise trucks had set up around the city.

The Harrah's Casino is at the bottom of Canal St and relies on some minor celebs to get the punters in. I'm not sure Jersey Shore's Pauly D is much of a draw although he clearly gets about. I recall seeing a similar cheesy poster in Las Vegas. Being WWE week the Bella Twins would be a much more popular draw.

A strange tree who's branch has taken root.

More old style cottages in the eastern side of the city.

Being New Orleans there is plenty of music to be heard around the city, whether it's a marching band, a jazz cafe or a fixed street band like this one. 

My favourite way to get money - they've somehow trained their job to lie dead for a long time.

The architecture is great.

This is a famous building in the French Quarter. It's rumoured to be haunted and it's been bought by Nicholas Cage. 

A subtle take on the statue beggars that I hate. At least this one has to hold an awkward pose for a while to get his dollar.

There are plenty of museums in and around the city, both large and small. This is one of the smaller ones - a pharmacy museum not far from Bourbon Street. 

A lovely old car!

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