Thursday, June 02, 2016

Event: Bug 51

Bug 51 had one of the strongest video line ups for some time, I'm pretty sure I enjoyed all of them. Here's the line up from tonight's show.

Metube2 "Carmina Burana"

I don't think Carl Orff could ever imagine "O Fortuna" would ever be interpreted like this. Filmed in Munich and probably not safe for work this one. I wonder if Daniel Mochel has ever directed a wedding video.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Sai & Co."

Another quirky video for the J-Pop superstar. I'm seeing her next month so nice to see her getting some publicity. The director of this one Hideyuki Tanaka clearly loves oversized strawberries with rooster feet.

Radiohead "Daydreaming"

The first of two from the new Radiohead album, this one was the slower of the two but with the more engaging video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Each of the doors represents one of the years he was married. Made more memorable by the YouTube comment "Tilda Swinton has let herself go". 

PJ Harvey "Community of Hope"

I'm not a Polly Harvey fan and this for me was the weakest of all the videos tonight. This one was directed by Seamus Murphy.

Andy Hauf "The Magician"

I great Gilliamesque style video by Winston Hacking features lots of overlaid composites.

Yeasayer "Silly Me"

I wasn't sure what to make of this one. I didn't like it on a first viewing but it grew on me with a subsequent revisit. Some great conventional animation from Mike Anderson.

Gunship "Tech Noir"

The first of the selection from guest director Lee Hardcastle who specialises in claymation having done a small number of pieces that had gone viral. This track was a great 80s homage.

"Simpson vs You're Next"

Another Lee Hardcastle piece, quite disturbing but amazing comic timing at the end.


Not surprisingly this was banned by the legal team for Pingu, although the animators did say they loved it. It also has an endorsement from John Carpenter.

Claycat's "Doom"

An amazing advert for the new Doom game, made in plasticene.

Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"

Another famous claymation video was this one, which I'm pleased to say is standing the test of time extremely well. Stephen R Johnson directed this with some collaboration from other animators such as Nick Park from Aardman.

Michael Kiwanuka "Black Man in a White World"

A straightforward video from Hio Murai but really well shot. Just a shame the song sounds like a broken record.

Metronomy "Old School"

The tempo picked up with this track from Metronomy who were guests at the last Bug. The video, directed by Dawn Shadforth, works with the track but it's not amazing.

Run the Jewels "Love Again"

This is a group I'm seeing at a festival this Summer that having heard before I didn't quite get. However after hearing this track I might give them a second chance. Ninian Doff is a Bug favourite and he's done an amazing video here, naughty lyrics though!

Radiohead "Burn the Witch"

The amazing Trumpton meets The Wicker Man video directed by Chris Hopewell. Already having over 16 million views I'd be surprised if it has passed you by!

Coldplay "Up and Up"

Terrible track but a lovely video to finish with some clever visual effects from Bania Heymann & Gal Muggia.

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