Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Film: Spiderman Homecoming

It's time for another Marvel Summer blockbuster and this time we get the story of how Spiderman came to join the Avengers. He's a kid, an annoying one at that, with an even more annoying friend, but it allows the writers to add plenty of comedy by having him go "whoa" and "awesome" all through the film.

Michael Keaton plays the baddy, The Vulture and he's a much better actor than the teenager and its his performance that moves it from fodder to watchable. I also liked that we didn't get another backstory in terms of how he was bitten. The film already starts with him having the powers. I didn't like the fact he'd been given a talking suit but it was a nice touch that it's voiced by Jennifer Connelly who is Paul Bethany's wife and he's the voice of Jarvis.

So the film is OK and as a coaster nerd I'm disappointed the final sequence didn't destroy Coney Island. They were about 100 metres out. 

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