Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Event: Bug 56

I had tickets for this one but had to pull out following a leg injury but the event organisers kindly sent me the play list.

Beck "Up All Night"
Joan of Arc crashes a houseparty to rescue a chap in this rather upbeat Beck track. A rather straightforward video.

Kendrick Lamar "Element"
I'm not a fan of this guys work at all. The video is better with the sound turned down. (The worst recommendation you can give a music video I guess)

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do"
Big budget and a little introspection. Terrible song but I like the birdcage set!

Dram ft A$AP Rocky & Juicy J "Gilligan"
It's just a bass line with butt cheeks.Terrible. 

Tennyson "L'oiseau qui danse".
The vid on youtube isn't the one they played which is this one. I quite like both the track and video.

Yael Naim "Coward"
This one was quite straightforward and better for it.

Radiohead "There There"
Typical RH video. Pretentious twaddle that I don't get.

Radiohead "Burn the Witch"
A repeat play for this one, which is ok.

Run the Jewels "Don't Get Captured"
An ok stop-motion animation for another shouty-shouty RtJ track.

Father John Misty "Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know before the Revolution"
A quite musical song but a wasted video. I didn't feel this one at all.

Radiohead "Lift"
A song called lift with a video set in a lift and a journey in the lift that gets a bit weird. It's ok.

Jay Z "Moonlight"
I liked the idea of this with a great recreation of Friends with an all-black cast but it petered out into disappointment.

Every Time I Die "Map Change"
Shots of Buffalo to a shouty punk type rock track. It's ok.

Bowie "Sound & Vision"
This one is director group Canada's tribute to Bowie done as part of an exhibition in Barcelona. I'm not a Bowie fan but I did like this work.

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