Sunday, October 15, 2017

Event: QED 2017

Just a quick post to record the fact I attended the ever-excellent QEDcon event in Manchester, a sceptic/science event full of excellent speakers over a fun weekend. With too much to see I ended seeing the following.

Dave Alnwick was this year's MC.

Emma McClure took us through the Phantom of Heilbronn.

Caroline Rance presented on the history of quack medicine

Charlotte Hardman, Kavin Senapathy, Anthony Warner and Andy Wilson held a panel on Dietary Pseudoscience.

Chris French, Carol Tavris, Richard Wiseman and Deborah Hyde held a second panel on Cognitive Biases.

Sophie Wilson gave a talk on the history and predicted future of Microprocessors

Anthony Magnabusco held a workshop on Street Epistomology

Anthony Warner also gave a speech on the science of weight gain.

Phil Scraton gave an emotional talk on the Hillsborough Disaster and the challenge he faced in getting the truth of what happened. A stunning way to end day 1.

Helen Czerski gave a presentation on the ocean and our attitude to it

Simon Singh gave a fun talk on the science of secrecy including a demonstration of a working Enigma Machine

Katie Steckles took us through some math based life hacks. This was fun!

David Gorski gave a talk on integrative medicine

and day 2 finished with Tim O'Brien giving a talk on the universe.

another fun weekend. Roll on next year!

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