Friday, March 24, 2006


Why are films labelled as the most sickest, goriest film etc. disappointing when they're finally released. I was really expecting more from this but came away having this as the worst film this year.

A trio of backpackers (2 Americans and an Icelandic) travel to Amsterdam where they are then directed to a hostel in Bratislava where all their desires can be met not realising they've been set up as victims of an elite company where people pay to kill tourists.

For a film that starts out in Amsterdam, why is everyone speaking German? At least they acknowledged Iceland, which doesn't happen much in Hollywood. The actual premise of the film is its scariest bit, the idea that this could happen is far more disturbing than any of the maiming or torture that fills the second half of the film.

Don't bother watching this. Watch Chicken Little instead.
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