Friday, March 17, 2006

V for Vendetta

Another comic book adaptation, and this one is actually pretty good. Sin City is still my favourite but this would probably take second place. Starring the guy who played Agent Smith in the Matrix and Natalie Portman, who benefits from a better script than Star Wars, the story tells of one man's attempt to overthrow the overcontrolling Government and in doing so give the public the strength and conviction to stand up for the truth and not be railroaded by the media and politicians.

The first thing that makes this an interesting film is that the lead actor playing V spends ALL of the film behind a mask and its refreshing to see his artistic integrity take precedence over his ego (Stallone in Judge Dredd perhaps?). Natalie plays a confused girl caught up in V's plot to blow up the house of commons.

The final fight sequence is pretty cool with sword swishes digitally added to look a soul caliber game. It's a shame it is spoiled by the guy taking a load of bullets to a small chest plate and the rest of his body being pretty much exposed and bullet free. I also like any film that features a domino toppling scene.

The final sequences with lots of people dressed as V marching towards The Houses of Parliament to watch it blow up was particularly good too! There is a message in the film in questioning what the state and media tells you; maybe that is why the papers gave it such bad reviews, which I think were unfounded.
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