Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest

Another of the big Summer blockbusters and part two in the Disney-Ride-Now-A-Movie trilogy (excluding Haunted Mansion).

Depp, Bloom and Knightly (sounds like a solicitor's firm) are back for more hi-jinx on the high sea. In this lengthy episode all three dupe each other to obtain a key to the legendary Davy Jones Locker, alas not a place to keep his clothes dry whilst he goes swimming but a little chest buried on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Depp camps it up as he did in the first film, Knightly plays the boyish heroine quite well and Orlando Bloom sucks for the majority of the film. In fact he only seems watchable when he has a sword in his hand making the most of his traning from Lord of the Rings. If they want a better performance out him in the third movie they should give him pointy ears and a bow.

The set pieces are ridiculous yet entertaining. Whever dreamt up the fruit kebab pole vault sequence must have been on something at the time. A fight on a rolling wheel is also funny but absurd.

The ending does end on a slight cliffhanger, but we're not talking about the end of Lost or anything as bad as that. It does also nicely introduce a character from the first film to lead us into the third, a nice touch that brings the trilogy together.
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