Monday, July 24, 2006

Superman Returns

I thought I'd already put a review up for this, but clearly not; Proof perhaps that I'm finally starting to lose my marbles.

I wasn't going to see this film as it looked a bit gay, but then I saw the trailer where Superman is shot in the eye and thought I'd give it a chance. The last time I was blown away by an effect in a movie was in T2 years ago.

The film has Superman and Clarke Kent both returning back to Metropolis after a 5 year absence (why no-one noticed the coincidence, I don't know). Lex Luthor (played very well by Kevin Spacey) finds Superman's icey abode and a recording of the late Marlon Brando that reveals Superman's weakness (the sort of thing you would leave lying around of course).

He then devises a plot to build a new continent out of Kryptonite where he can take over the world without red pant man interfering. Of course Superman finds a way around this and saves the day, just as all Superheroes do.

The film is actually alright. Brandon Routh does at times look like Christopher Reeve (without the wheelchair) so I guess he's done OK. Kate Bosworth doesn't really pull off Lois Lane that well, perhaps because I spent the movie trying to decide whether she was nicer as a blonde or a brunette. Its Spacey that steals the camera though, which is hardly a surprise.

I also chose to see this at the IMAX in Waterloo and it as well as having a super large screen, some of the scenes were shown in 3D, which was pretty cool.
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