Friday, September 15, 2006


Executive 1: "I want to see chicks in bikinis fighting"
Executive 2: "and when they're not fighting they should be playing volleyball, in their bikinis"
Executive 3: "They could do everything in their bikinis, climb mountains, parachute, escape from a timed detonator"
Executive 4: "I think Eric Roberts deserves to appear on the big screen rather than on the bottom shelf of the DVD discount store, but not in a bikini"

Executive 1: "That chick from My Name is Earl is hot"
Executive 2: "But not as hot as that pop starlet that used to be in neighbours"
Executive 3: "I'm partial to that flat faced Jap chick from Sin City, we can dub her voice if need be"
Executive 4: "Can Eric fight.......please!"

and so D.O.A. was created, all very silly but entertaining none the less.
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