Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nacho Libre

Jack Black's back in a very sweet but entertaining film from the director of Napoleon Dynamite. In fact there are parallels between the two films. Both feature anti-heroes, people who are more geek than heartthrob. In this film we have a pairing of an overweight monk and a skinny street urchin. This modern day Laurel and Hardy pair up to become a Mexican wrestling tag team in pursuit of money to feed kids at the local monastery who look forward to having a salad for lunch.

It sounds like a pretty absurd tale and it is, but the director has done a good job making it an enjoyable experience. As someone who grew up watching wrestling and accepting it for its theatrics, its good to see it on the big screen. The fights are ridiculous but not too dissimilar to the lucha libre form that comes from Mexico. There are also scenes that aren't important to the story, odd cuts of the skinny guy eating corn for example. There is also a very strange scene where he is chased by an overweight woman with a penchant for crawling through secret tunnels in her house. It makes no sense at all.

I also discovered something with the cinema I went to. The film was stopped half way through due to a fire alarm being set off and after the evac and subsequent restart we were all given a ticket for a free screening. For those with more criminal intents you could use this to your advantage and never have to pay for a cinema ticket again, until the cinema realises that is.
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