Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Number 23

My date of birth is 02/02/1972. 0+2+0+2+1+9+7+2=23
My initial is M, invert it and you get a W, the 23rd letter of the alphabet.
The first 4 digits of my phone number are 0+7+7+9=23

This is easy!!

Jim Carrey, no longer Pet Detective, but Pet Catcher, comes across a book where the writer details an obsession with the number 23. The more he reads it the more into it he gets until he too develops a similar interest. Is it a curse, or just a film that seems to go on too long and requires over quarter of an hour to explain the overly forced twist to the story.

Carrey's performance is alright, although the dubiously titled Fingerling character, which he also plays is wooden. Virgina Madsen does better as his wife and in the side story a sex mad vamp named Fabrizia. Other performances fall by the wayside.

Jim Carrey did a lot better in Eternal Sunshine and now I have a feeling of Deja Vu.
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