Tuesday, May 22, 2007

28 Weeks Later

The sprinting zombies are back in the follow to 28 Days Later.....this time running amok around London. Hold on, wasn't that what they did before?

Ok, so its not that original a story. Having all died from starvation we learn that plans are afoot to rebuild London, and as people gradually return so does the virus, when a couple of kids find their mother apparently having survived the infection.

So you get 90 minutes or so of violent gore, shaky cameras, loud screaming, more shaky cameras and a relatively high body count. Sitting in the front row of the cinema I felt sick in places from the camera work. If you thought Bourne Identity was bad then you may want to give it a miss. Its just funny that the cinema I saw it at made a big deal of the strobes; a warning of motion sickness would be more appropriate.

Acting is fairly ropey but thats always the case of child actors, except for that Haley Osment kid from Sixth Sense - he's just creepy though (not that he's in this film, I'm just going off at tangents). Robert Carlyle does alright as the kids dad.

Living in London I thought it funny at how small they made London out to be. They got from the Isle of Dogs to Regents Park pretty quickly, and the route they took was more scenic than quick. Then to be told they need to get to Wembley, which is miles away and not the short run they tried to make it out to be. A minor niggle admittedly.

I don't think the film will leave an impression in the same way the original did. Empty shots of London are old hat now, even I can do it as you can see from my previous post (although admittedly I was cheating by taking my shots at a crazy hour in the morning)
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