Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Nicholas Cage plays a chain of high street fashion shops.....oops

Nichols Cage plays a magician with the ability to see 2 minutes into the future. I must have the same ability as I knew before watching it that this film will be rubbish..........and it was.

Based on a Phillip K Dick novel, you wonder if movie makers are now trawling the poorer stories that he wrote. There is an OK twist towards the end but the rest of the film is crap. Even the special effects were ripped off from X-Men 3 (the multiple man) and Matrix (the bullet dodge). We don't even get the Nicolas Cage "pointing to the temple" pose he usually does in this film.

Oh, and there's a hilarious bit where the woman is talking to some Native Indian kids and a girl says to her "He likes you because he looks at you like my brother looks at his girlfriend", then it cuts to Cage making a gormless face, priceless!

The best bit is at the start of the credit roll, where it jumps to the end momentarily before starting properly. Doesn't say much for the movie.

One to avoid.
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