Sunday, July 06, 2008

Holloway Road Grafitti

Took a walk along Holloway Road today after hearing there were a few Banksy rats still about. It also gave me an opportunity to find the hitch-hiker; one of the few untouched large pieces still remaining.

A rather bizarre piece not far from Archway station.

The hitch-hiker wasn't too hard to find in the end. I just had to walk around the main roundabout and it happened to be on the final junction to check.

A strange piece somewhere down Holloway Road.

A simple little piece.

I prefer the logo to the graff.

I only managed to find one rat along the whole length of Holloway Road but admittedly I wasn't being over thorough in my searching as it was raining. Still its 2 more Banksy pieces to add to the archive.
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