Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mexican Wrestling comes to London

This was something I'd not been able to see whilst on holiday in Mexico so I was quite surprised to see it being advertised when I got back. Some of the most popular luchadors were over for 4 nights of wrestling Mexican style in the Roundhouse theatre in Camden.

Too good an opportunity to resist I went along.

Quite a good turnout considering the event.

The first match featured the midgets. The good (technico) midget was much shorter than the baddie (rudo) wrestler so it made this a bit of a mismatch. There's something a bit strange in seeing a midget getting kicked to the floor.

The rest of the night consisted of more conventional sized athletes.

That was up until the match where a transexual featured. I don't think the WWE have gone there in a long long time.


Flying senton, just a shame my camera was a lowly pocket one.

That looks like it might hurt.

and the night finished with a big pose down, whilst those brave members of the audience fought with security to try to get into the ring.

A different evening, which the audience took a while to get into but the luchadores did win us all over.
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