Friday, May 01, 2009

Bangface 2009

Last weekend was spent at Bangface, a rave event down on the South Coast.
Great crowd (a lot of whom had travelled from abroad), really nice weather and some super live acts. I doubt Pontins would ever be this exciting again!

Best acts for me were Luna-C, Kentaro, Assault (so wrong!) and Noisia.

It was a shame that they couldn't get Speed Dealer Moms to play. They had been the only must-see act for me.

I was going to post some pics but instead will blatantly steal youtube clips from people who preferred to film the sets on their phones rather than rave with the rest of us.

The opening ceremony compared by The Legend Normski saw the world's biggest glowstick record being set. It came in at around 8ft tall.

Ceephax Acid Krew (can one man really label himself a crew)

Altern8 (remember them?) were one of the main draws for the Saturday.

KJ Sawka. First time I've seen a guy play drums and laptop at the same time.

Bizzy B was one of the old school D&B DJs. This music really gives my joints a pounding. Great though! I'll deal with it in my old age :)

DJ Kentaro was more incredible to watch than dance to

Main event on Sunday was 808 state. I was surprised how good they sounded live. Very little production needed on the album really. People were pretty shattered by this point, which explains the tired people in the third clip...and just how big was that inflatable at the end.
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