Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jerry Sadowitz @ Leicester Square Theatre

Saw Jerry Sadowitz tonight at one of his last of a run of shows in Leicester Square. He was totally offensive but hilarious to boot. If you're offended by jokes about human misfortune e.g. the Haitian earthquake then you don't want to be here.

Like Stewart Lee a few weeks ago its nice to see some of the genuinely funny comedians who don't pander to the PC brigade. Stewart managed to get a BBC series last year. I doubt we'd ever get another one from Jerry (anyone else remember The Pall Bearers Review?). He's still way too wrong for TV, yet right to see live; its just a shame he doesn't play out more often.

Oh and he's a brilliant magician too, starting the show by making a piranha tank appear from nowhere (why bother with rabbits and doves) and ending by producing a suited Royal Flush chosen by the audience using sleight-of-various-body-parts.

Oh, and if you're Amanda Holden, don't be there for the start of the show :D
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