Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This is Banksy's new movie and it's a very amusing documentary of the street art movement. Following Thierry Guetta, a rather odd French man with a penchant for filming everything he does the movie tells the tale of how he got in on the scene and began filming a number of artists who wouldn't normally want to be seen on camera.

It's not all about Banksy, he does feature and is quite amusing but there are clips of his LA show, his Disney invasion and some of his other work. It also features Invader and Obey amongst others.

The title of the film doesn't seem to work, the original title was "Selling Sh*t to C*nts" which is a lot better.

The movie is out in the middle of March but there are some preview shows in a unique location. A custom built cinema under the arches beneath Waterloo station entered in the graffiti bombed Leake St.

My photos can be seen on flickr here.
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