Sunday, November 19, 2017

Film: The Vengeance Trilogy

The Prince Charles was showing the full Vengeance Trilogy; 3 films by Korean director Park Chan Wook with a theme of revenge.

First up was Sympathy for Mr Vengeance which tells the tale of a young deaf-mute who is trying to find a donor for his sister who is suffering from kidney failure and needs a new one. Having been robbed of one of his own kidneys and cash by an underground crime organisation he finds himself unable to pay for the operation when a donor is found. Desperate to get some money he kidnaps a young girl and the events from that play out to a rather bleak ending.

The second is the more famous of the three, Oldboy which tells the tale of a man who is kidnapped for 18 years then released with no explanation. He tries to find out the people responsible and the reasons why he was abducted. This was my favourite of the 3 and I've seen it many times before.

The final one was Lady Vengeance, which tells the tale of an oddly adored woman released from prison who, with the help of inmates she'd previously befriended, seeks her revenge on the men who put her inside. This one is really good but the cut being shown was an odd one as it gradually faded to black and white as it went on, not what I'd remembered from the last time I saw it.

All 3 films are great and don't need to be watched together; each film is self-contained but as ever it's always good to see films like this on the big screen.

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