Saturday, December 16, 2017

Film: The Last Jedi

It's that film, and it doesn't matter what I write here you've probably already seen it if you're into it and dismissing those who have if you're not interested. So as not to spoil it for the tiny minority who have yet to see it here are some random thoughts.

It's long but interest is kept throughout.
The scene with the iron is funny.
The sound effect designers must have had a field day in the scene where one spaceship is flown into another.
Silence works.
Those puffin things are annoying but not Jar Jar Binks annoying.
Those who died live and those who live die. It's a bit odd.
If it only took one bomber to destroy the space ship at the start, why send them all out?
I thought we'd get more of the silver lady stormtrooper.

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