Saturday, December 02, 2017

Gig: Orbital @ Hammersmith Apollo

A sold out tour saw the Hartnoll boys back in London for a night playing to an older fan base than at gigs I usually go to, but having been around on and off since the 90s this was never going to be in any doubt.

The set was great with a raised stage and plenty of screens, lights and lasers to keep us busy. The band wore their signature light goggles too and took us through a long set consisting of a couple of new tracks but mostly older tunes, which have all stood the test of time very well. 

the best track was their reworked version of Satan which sounded heavy and incredible, powerful enough to leave most of us drained; the sound was in point tonight and helped carry tracks like this.

We got the Dr Who track to finish, something that wasn't played in Manchester the night before, and we all left very happy.

I didn't see their set at Blue Dot in the Summer as I was off seeing other acts. I am pleased I got to see them here though.

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