Friday, September 10, 2004

Bar 242 Comedy Night

OK, my first plug for something.

Once a month a local bar, near where I work, has a comedy night. It has had them in place for a number of months now (they used to be twice a week) but the attendance of the public has been pretty shocking. The place does advertise but people don't come.

Last night, the evening was headlined by Tim Vine who was throwing jokes out faster than you could keep up with, something he's well known for doing. There were 3 others before him, who varied from pretty diabolical to pretty funny. From an audience point of view I think there were around 20 people there and its a shame as the event deserves more.

So, if you're at a loose end on the first Thursday of each month get yourself to Bar 242 on the SE corner of Blackfriar's Road and Southwark Street.

Best Joke.
(paraphrased). "I went up to Scotland with Easy Jet" and was going to fly back with BA but he didn't want to fly with me. Kept going on, "I aint flyin' on no plane, crazy fool".

Best Heckle (Tied)
"I apologise, I said you look Jewish and you're not"
"You look funny but you're not".

"Anyone got any questions" (He was dying at this point)
"Do you know any jokes?"

Something else that tends to happen at these nights, is that I always seem to end up quite pissed; I suspect something to do with the amount of wine our group gets through. On this particular occasion, I staggered home at 3 a.m. having just missed the hourly night bus that takes me home. The downside is that it takes me forever to get home on the night bus as I live at the final stop, the good side is that I can fall asleep and be woken up by the driver when he gets there.
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