Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bootleg Music

Currently my favourite music download site is http://boomselection.info/ . If you like bootlegs and mash ups then this is probably the best place to go (that I've found so far).

Remember the old days of hip hop when rappers would battle rivals on their tracks. Well it looks like it's the turn of the ladies. The site has a Lady Sovereign track for downloading where she's absolutely ripping into Jenita, who I've never heard of.

The site also has some full length mixes for downloading, which take forever to download on my ickle ol' dial up connection. So why don't I upgrade to broadband? Two reasons.

1) I am hoping to move soon into my new home, if the stupid freeholder pulls his finger out and stops stalling the process (I'll moan about this in another post).
2) If I had broadband I'd not go out at all, and I'm supposed to be going to the gym more often.

So for now I'm persevering with what I have.
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