Sunday, September 12, 2004

New Orange Commerical

Telecommunications company Orange are sponsoring cinema in the UK and every month or so they show a vignette before the film starts. In it a well known movie star is trying to pitch a new movie idea to a bunch of Orange Executives who take their concept and twist them to suit their mobile phone products.

To date we've had..

Roy Scheider
"The Columbian Connection", a piece shot as "Film Noir", is changed to "Film OrĂ¡nge".

Carrie Fisher
19th Century period drama where 2 characters write to each other via letter is moved to the 21st century and they communicate via text messages.

Spike Lee
"Black and Blue", a movie based on the Boston basketball team and about colour is moved to Orange County and the team is changed to the Giants, who play in Orange.

Alan Cumming
Guy lost in Vietnam is rescued after sending text messages for help.

Sean Astin
Concept for a film set in New York becomes the fourth film in the trilogy, "Lord of the Ringtones - Return of the text message".

The latest one features Verne Troyer trying to sell a film about a man who has to overcome challenges in his life and includes references to "frickin'" and "1 million pounds" complete with little-finger-in-mouth pose. I think this has been the funniest one yet.

One reason why I think these ads work is that they don't outstay their shelf life, unlike most of the adverts shown in cinemas (the twenty year old thieving snake springs to mind). They're kept fresh.

Unfortunately I can't find any transcripts or downloads for those who can't get to a British cinema. Maybe in time Orange will correct this.
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