Sunday, February 20, 2005

Club night...

I was invited to a workmate's birthday bash on Saturday night, taking place at a small club in Central London. The last time I was in a proper club was during the short run of Home at Leicester Square which was a long time ago, and the night was so bad that I vowed never to go to a club again. People kicking their empties down the stairwells and having to avoid raining glass was enough to break this camel's back.

Anyhow, anywho, anywoohaa (got ya all in check) I turned up and found the venue pretty good with the party in full swing. Even though it only had a solitary light and laser projector the night was really good fun and much better than my last clubbing experience. I think it being a private party made it a little better.

I stayed there until 2, when the party started to unwind and people made their way home. On the way to the bus stop I thought I'd go for a piss at the toilets in Leicester Square and was followed in by a very drunk lad who proceeded to drop his trousers and boxers at the urinal. He was out of it. I laughed at the state of him, and quickly left. I think he was trying to speak to me but it made no sense whatsoever and as I made my way out I saw him still speaking at where I was standing, so maybe he was just wrecked.

Anyway, got to close to the bus stop to see my bus departing and there was no way I was going to run to the next stop to catch it. I have a rule that the only train or bus worth running for is the last of the day, something that rarely happens in London where we have round the clock travel, on the buses at least. I eventually got home at 4a.m.

Good night though, and yes I did dance, and no I didn't take anything. I didn't need to!
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