Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Working overnight tonight

2 cans of redbull down, 4 to go. I've eaten all my fruit and have some chicken for later.

As I only consume redbull when I'm working overnight, I thought I'd bring enough to see me through the night. We have some changes to our website happening tonight so myself and another are in to see it goes in OK. I am going to be knackered tomorrow as I didn't get the lie in I wanted; The postman woke me up at 9 to deliver a promotional leaflet for Mother's Day.

On the way in I thought I'd pop into the record shops on Oxford Street. Came out with the new Mash Up CD from the Ministry of Sound. I'm loving the bootleg mixes from Party Ben amongst others and so felt a bit guilty about buying what is obviously a commercial attempt to cash in on the market. So to keep my conscience clear I also bought the Go Team album which has had rave reviews but not something I'd got round to getting. Both are good CDs, the latter a nice mix of Avalanches and Wee Papa Girl Rappers (whatever happened to them).

Oh, and as I got off the underground I found myself in a small snowstorm. Unfortunately it wasn't settling. If it's going to snow I wish it would do it properly.
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