Thursday, April 28, 2005


First time I'd been to the cinema for a while what with me focusing on the move and all! I had a nightshift Thursday into Friday with work and so took the opportunity to go to the cinema before it started.

This was pretty lacklustre to be honest, it's not easy to make horror scary anymore and whilst I was expecting good things from Wes Craven, this wasn't it. He relied on cliche, both old and new. Scream was very inventive in 2 fronts; having 2 killers and killing the big star off early. He does very similar here which was a shame.

Christina Ricci looked like a pudgy posh spice and the guy playing her brother looked like the gay presenter of Popworld (My American chum will probably miss both references, sorry!). The one good bit was the transformation from human to werewolf and I thought having a werewolf dog was a nice touch too.

For a final comment with a weak pun; "If you want to see a good horror film, go else where(wolf)"
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