Saturday, April 23, 2005

Flat Progress

Today I got my fridge, I'd been given a 7am - 7pm window for the delivery which wasn't that ideal however luckily the delivery came at 9am. I was still woken up though; perhaps it wasn't a good idea to drink that bottle of wine last night. Anyway, it's been connected and is working fine. I've popped out today to get some stuff to get in it.

The washing machine has also been connected, after a week of grief. Firstly the moulded plug had to be cut off so that the power cable could be fed through the worktop. Then I had to get longer hoses because they had to traverse an obstacle course through the partitions that led to the taps (bottom of washing machine, through top of first partition through bottom of the second partition and then back up to the taps; a total mess). Even once they were overcome the hoses still wouldn't connect properly, open the taps and water would go everywhere. After making sure they were as tight as I could get them, the taps were opened and nothing! This was a good sign as it meant the water had to be going into the machine. I gave it a quick test and it's working fine. My only concern is that I don't think the plumbing has ever been done properly; the waste pipe feeds straight into the waste pipe from the sink which means when the machine is emptying the sink makes a burping noise. There was also a bit of a smell but I think that was the waste water that had been sitting in the pipes for months whilst the flat was sat empty. No smell towards the end of the cycle but I'm still a bit unsure about it. But at least I can wash clothes now.

All that is needed in the kitchen is the cooker, which isn't being deivered until next weekend. The issue I have with this one is that I can't see where it plugs in. There is a cutoff switch that makes it even more confusing. Ah well, I'm paying to have that fitted so the installers can figure that out.
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