Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Shopping

In an attempt to attract more people to shopping in town the two main shopping streets in central London were closed to traffic, allowing the public are rare opportunity to walk down the middle of road. Its strangely liberating being allowed to do so. In an attempt to get some sort of carnival vibe going there were several sound systems in place. Whilst it might have worked with snow around, it didn't feel Christmassy enough to work.

It just doesn't look right having santa's but no snow.

People as far as the eye can see, now imagine what it was like when they had to reopen the roads and all these people had to move back onto the pavements. Nightmare!

At the intersection of Regent Street and Oxford Street were these balloons not advertising anything, lost opportunity there.

Marching pipe band, different in that they were all Indian.

On weekends we like to bang drums..........for peace.

The Nike store had a fitness themed sound system.

Hamleys did go the trouble of trying to create snowfall outside their store but it didn't settle. That's the problem with soap bubbles..

Some of the stores were using DJs to attract people in. The winner here was the Apple Store, which had this superb DJ juggling 2 decks, 2 CDJs and a range of bongo drums.

Circus performers must love this time of year!

This guy had a talent for painting very quickly upside down.

Very good it was too, rather oddly quite a lot of people couldn't see what he was up to until he spun the canvas around.
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