Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny

Jack Black's back in this rather weak tale for fans of his band Tenacious D. It's not Wayne's World, at least it doesn't have near as many laughs. Perhaps if I was a Tenacious D fan I'd think it was the greatest film ever but as I'm not, I'm can't.

The film tells the tale of how the 2 guys met and had to steal a pick formed from the tooth of Satan in order to win a music contest to pay their rent. Not even cameos from Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller can save the film, however I will admit to laughing at the scene where Tim Robbins crippled character is bragging to the police how he'd never be caught, only for them to walk up and arrest him.

As I type this Channel 4 is showing School of Rock, which was a far superior use of Jack Black's talent.
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