Sunday, December 03, 2006

Santa's Ghetto

For the last 4 years, a bunch of underground artists have taken over some property and opened up a temporary gallery of their works. This year they made their boldest move yet in opening up the gallery on Oxford Street in what is the busiest time of year for the area. With the popularity of Banksy, one of the exhibitors, this year it's not a surprise they've been able to do this.

Here's a bunch of pics taken from the gallery. Enjoy...

Doesn't come out in low res, but the top but says "T-Bone is da illest" and beneath someone has written "I'm sorry to hear that, I hope he gets well soon"

This was a fairground game where you had to throw hoops over the statues. It basically allowed the guy in charge to shout out "come and toss over the Virgin Mary".

Doesn't really come out in low-res but the guy is saying"I saw the advert where the car turns into the robot and goes ice skating, now where's the button that does that?"

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