Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rome Day 2

The Pantheon was built around 120AD by Hadrian, more famous for building a wall in Northern England. Most of the lighting in the building comes from a hole in the roof that symbolises a connection to the heavens.

Castel Sant Angelo is another Hadrian structure, well at least it was started by him. Throughout its time it has been a castle, a prison and papal residence although when I was there it was nothing more than a few galleries and an excellent view of the city...once you'd climbed to the top that is.

There are loads of statues around the city. This is one of Darth Maul.

The traffic in Rome is manic to say the least. It took me quite a bit of confidence to step out into it (this is the only way you'll get them to stop the majority of the time). Once you get used to it though it does work. Here a fleet of lorries remove illegally park traffic. There were 6 other vehicles doing the same thing off camera.

More ruins in the middle of the city.
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