Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was at a loose end in Leicester Square on the weekend and thought I'd go and see a film. The big movies being advertised were 300, Norbert and TMNT. Having seen the first on Friday and not being interested in Eddie Murphy dressed as a fat woman, I thought I'd give the turtles a go...

...and I was really surprised how good it was. Forget the cheesy cartoon of a decade ago and remove any memories of the costumed movies. This is an updated CGI take on the tale, and what good CGI it is. The humans in the film look a bit like they failed the auditions for The Incredibles; guys with big chins, think skinny women in tight suits.

There's no Shredder this time, the bad guys are a bunch of former warlords turned to stone, who are brought back to life by their leader. In fact the plot doesn't really matter, it's no Usual Suspects in turns of complexity but its better than most Disneyfodder. There are also nods to The Matrix and Spiderman amongst others.

Definitely the biggest surprise of the year so far.
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