Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rome Day 3

Circus Massimo is where they used to race horses, as seen in Ben Hur. Now there's nothing left of the place except for the grass, which is now one the main park in the city. The pic is taken from one end of the centre of the track, where the horses and chariots would turn around. Although there's nothing to see here it was actually my favourite bit of Rome because you were left to imagine what it would have looked like.

Some old church, which was very popular with the tourists for some reason.

On the southern edge of the main city is this rather out of place Pyramid. Apparently some Roman dude was so impressed with what he saw in Egypt that he decided to build his own pyramid, shame it was so rubbish!

The Tiber River runs through the city and this island is the only one of its kind, at least within the city walls. There's an excellent ice cream place on it. Not sure how I managed to make the island look like it was snowing.

Some old church in the Trastevere part of the city. Its famous because it was one of the first to use gold in its patterns. Quite a stunning church.

Taken at the end of the night, this is the fountain in the Piazza Republica. Again I was playing with the long exposure in the camera. I think this came out alright considering...
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