Friday, August 19, 2016

Film: The Wanderers & The Warriors

A peculiar double-bill being shown at the Prince Charles has a couple of classics with a New York theme and as I was due to go on holiday there I thought it would be good to revisit these classics on the big screen. Coincidentally the films were both released in 1979.

The Wanderers isn't as cult as the Warriors but has a similar vibe with a New York gang of lads coming across and taking on other gangs in the city. This one has more of a coming-of-age subtext as the group realise there's an adult life beyond the gangs. There's a great soundtrack of period rock music including the tune with the same title as the film. The best bit in the film is the final fight which provides the source of this meme.

The Warriors is a bonafide classic and I'm sure I don't need to go into too much here. Falsely accused of killing a gangs leader the Warrior crew have to make it through the city to their home at Coney Island. The copy we saw was the one without the silly animations, which was preferred, and the film is still great despite looking a little dated now. I'm surprised given Hollywood's love of remaking old movies that this one hasn't been picked up yet.

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