Monday, August 29, 2016

Sightseeing: South Iceland Tour

For the second tour I decided to go for the south coast tour.

A waterfall who's ownership is being disputed.

When Eyjafjallajokull erupted a lot of farmers in the area left their farms. However this guy decided to bring in a camera crew and capture the event. From the sale of this he's now become the richest farmer on the island.

This is the vehicle that we rode today. 

This is Skogafoss.

The farpoint on today's tour was the Reynisfjara beach. 

Just after this was taken the tide came in too close and in running back away from it I managed to slip. D'oh!

The beach here is black sand from volcanic ash.

There are basalt type columns here, and you can see how these inspired the big church in the city.

On the way back we had a planned glacier hike.

Climate change has resulted in the foot of the glacier retreating and what used to be a 1 minute walk to the start is now 15.

This was incredible and whilst safe and easy, it was still something I hadn't envisaged myself doing this when I was pulling the trip together. We spent about 90 minutes up here.

I look like I'm photoshopped on but I was there

This is Seljalandsfoss, one of the main attractions on the island. It's famous for being a waterfall that you can walk behind. Unlike most video games there aren't any treasures to be found behind it.

This trip was superb, and I was loving the countryside.

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