Thursday, April 06, 2017

Film: Chopping Mall @ Crap Film Club

My second trip to Crap Film Club took us back to the 80s for Chopping Mall, a film about 8 teenagers who have a party in a shopping mall which is undergoing a trial of a new security system including shutter doors and three patrolling droids. A lightning storm causes the robots software to fail causing them to go into kill mode.

Initially called Killbots but changed so as not to be associated with Transformers which were popular at the time, the film is really poor but perfect for the Crap Film Club. The dialogue is cheesy, the effects bad, and the acting is atrocious. The teenagers are all well into their 20s and one seems to chew constantly, even when talking. 

I did recognise the mall as the same one as Commando, so I was quite chuffed with myself for spotting that. Oh, and it features one of the best exploding head sequences, almost up there with Scanners. 

Another fun night. 

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