Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Film: The Belko Experiment

I like bad movies and there are various tropes that pop up in them that I like; one of those is exploding neck collars to control people such as films like Battle Royale, Running Man amongst others. So when I saw the trailer for this and saw people's heads inexplicably explode I knew this was a film that I was going to enjoy.

The movie poster has the tagline "Office Space meets Battle Royale" and that's perfect. The premise of the film has a number of office employees trapped within their workplace and prompted to kill each other at the request of a hidden voice that plays out over the PA. "2 of you must be killed in 30 minutes or we'll kill 4 of you", that sort of idea...and a what a great idea.

So without giving too much away it's a good film, and could have a cult following a la Battle Royale. It's not quite as strong as the characters aren't as engaging as the Japanese School Kids, and the reasons revealed at the end of the film tries to be clever and fails.

The film has suffered from a poor run rate around London but it is worth seeing. 
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