Monday, May 01, 2017

Film: Harry Potter Marathon @ Prince Charles Cinema

A couple of years ago I attended a Middle Earth marathon at the Prince Charles, which ran for 19 hours, easily the longest marathon I'd ever done, and being the fan of these nights I've done plenty. So when they announced for 2017 a showing of all 8 Harry Potter films back-to-back that would run for 21 hours, I had to go and made sure I was there in person to get a ticket.

I don't need to go over the film plots, I'm sure they're well known to all, such was the popularity of the franchise. The thing with film marathons is that you could easily do them at home and I'm sure many of the people in the cinema already own the boxsets to allow them to do just that but there's something to be had in doing it with several hundred others that makes these events so special. Whilst not as interactive as their sing-a-long nights the crowd cheering and getting into the event adds so much to it that, something you wouldn't get watching it from your own sofa. It's also a credit to the audience that the venue attract that you rarely get dicks in the audience. Just a good up-for-it crowd who cheer on their house (Slytherin seemed to be the loudest) and applaud and boo at the appropriate times.

So, how did I get on? The first 3 and last 3 films were fine. I found the middle two hard to stay awake, which is odd given Goblet of Fire is my favourite of them all. I did nod off a few times during the quieter parts in those films. But I still had a great night and clearly many did as there were quite a lot of survivors in the photo taken after the event.

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