Saturday, May 27, 2017

Film: Hellboy Double Bill @ Prince Charles Cinema

As part of their Bank Holiday weekend schedule The Prince Charles decided to have a Hellboy double bill

The first film is an origins story telling us how the Nazi's attempts to create a portal to hell was thwarted by allied forces, but before the portal could be closed a demon baby snuck through which was then recruited to fight for the Americans alongside another couple of freaks; a fish man and a girl who can survive her exploding.

The second taps much more into the visual creativity of Guillermo del Toro and has one of the Bros Boys playing a dark elf who wants to release a golden army to destroy the world. 

Both films are great but the first being an origins has fairly direct story line with a lot of introduction to the characters and their relationships. There is much more freedom to explore the characters in the second one so I prefer that. The monsters are very creepy in this one too.

We'll have to wait for until 2018 for the third one and that's rumoured to be a reboot so I'm not sure how it'll end up. These two are great though and Ron Perlman is perfectly cast in these.

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