Saturday, June 03, 2017

Gig: Field Day 2017

A bit of an odd Field Day this year as for the first time I didn't recognise the majority of the acts, and the festival was noticeably more electronic than in previous years.

Also new for this year was this immense structure called The Barn. It must have held close to 10,000 people.

Acts wise we saw punk poet John Cooper Clarke. He was great and not the usual thing you see at a music festival. 

Moderat played the barn. I'm still getting my head around their sound, and will happily admit to being behind the curve on this one. They did sound really good though, and the fans were really into them.

A random DJ in one of the smaller tents.

Joe Goddard, I definitely did know having seen him earlier in the year. This was a shorter set playing a lot of the new album, as he did on his tour. However there was more acid sound blends to bridge between the tracks.

Too busy to enter but an act I wanted to hear was Flying Lotus. Unfortunately a big chunk of his set was spent nearby trying to get a round of drinks in. The festival was busier but the staffing of the drinks tents hadn't been increased in line. Wifi issues with the payment terminals didn't help either.

Another random DJ.

The main event was the Aphex Twin who was playing in the barn, however it was clear the majority of the people were wanting to see him and despite it's immense size the place filled up...beyond comfortable levels. With no room to move and then that waving surge that comes from a crowd close to crushing volumes we decided to head on out along with a bunch of others who were equally concerned. To console ourselves we went and saw Run the Jewels who I saw here last year. They're a solid live act but a one trick pony and not strong enough to keep us hooked for the duration of their we left early.

So it was more a chance to catch up with friends and listen to some cool stuff rather than an all out festival I could really get into.. The event is really well organised though with a great selection of food and drink along with at least half a dozen different music venues.

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