Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gig: Avalanches @ The Forum

Avalanches were a band that I thought would be destined for great things on the back of their first album "Since I Left You" back in 2000, which was an incredible hip hop, mashup scratch piece of art. However they went quiet and probably split up. They reappeared in 2016 with a revised line up and released a second album "Wildflower" which is nowhere near as good but still interesting. Around the same time they did an Essential Mix which is one of the craziest displays of crate digging for samples I've ever come across. 

The band is now touring with musicians and a couple of rappers; Spank Rock and Eliza Wolfgramm who appeared to be voicing the samples, which was a little odd but it worked. 

The show had a great energy and the visuals were excellent despite having taken the record for most trademark infringements per minute. I went in sceptical but I was taken in and had a great time...and hearing the standout tracks from the first album "Frontier Psychiatrist" and "Since I Left You" was enough of a reason to have gone along.

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