Monday, June 05, 2017

Film: Wonder Woman

A good DC adaptation? Can it be?
Well, yes it can. I really enjoyed this film. It's an origins story of how Wonder Woman came to be. Gal Gadot has been well cast into the role and whilst I didn't bother to see Batman vs Superman I hear that her appearance in that was one of the best bits.

It's set during World War 1, and I'm not a fan of historic period films but fortunately it's just the setting and not the focus. The action scenes are pretty good with a little bit of slow-mo used quite well for effect. I'm not quite sure why Wonder Woman insists on wearing wedges though. First Cobie Smulder having to run in heels in Jack Reacher and now this. There's definitely a case building for calling out inappropriate footwear on female leads :)

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