Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Event: Bug 55

We celebrated the 10th year of Bug with another collection of music video and all round general nonsense from Adam Buxton. 

First up was "Go Up" by French duo Cassius. This created a video mashup of various images, some of which worked and some of which didn't. A nice concept but, and it pains me to say it, Coldplay did it better with Up & Up.

I'm not a fan of alt-j I'm afraid so I think I may have nodded off to their video for "In Cold Blood"

I fared a little better with Kendrick Lamar's video for his track HUMBLE. I'm not a fan of his delivery but the video had a couple of cool bits: the sequence with the heads on fire and the camera shot morphing around him.

Jonwayne up next, this is a rather good animation put to what appears to be a skit on his album. 

Surreal video of the night was probably this one, the new track Fool's Errand by Fleet Foxes. Adam had no idea what was going on in this, and neither did I. The ending with the dog is the most confusing part.

This video was rather good "Waffle House" by Snails and Botnek has rampaging animated fast food eating people. The music is pretty dire though and sounds like Skrillex to the power of 10.

Whilst he wasn't in attendance tonight the guest director for this edition was a guy called Wiz who'd been doing videos since 1990. We got a couple of his videos tonight. The first was the prophetic "Out of Control" by the Chemical Brothers which joins soft drinks and protesting, much like the Pepsi/Kylie Jenner failed commercial from earlier this year. Adam did a great version of the video which is unfortunately not available online.

The second video was his cut of an old Arctic Monkeys track, "The View From the Afternoon". This focused on the drumming more than the original video. Unfortunately we can't embed the video outside of Vimeo but the link to that video is here 

In the final segment we had the latest video from A Tribe Called Quest, the Musical Youth Sampling "Dis Generation". A fairly simple video where there's probably more going on technically than is apparent on the screen.

Bonobo's videos have been a regular for the last few Bug shows. This one for his track "Bambro Koyo Ganda" has some clever video/music synchronising but isn't good enough to top Chemical Brother's "Star Guitar" which will always be my favourite video like that. The storm footage is great though.

We finished with another alt-j video, this time for "3WW". I really don't like this band at all.

With it being a director's cut show we were able to get some extra clips for our amusement. First one was this bizarre piece called "Hi Stranger" which was based on a meme from a while ago. Someone has taken the photo drawn by one of the Adventure Time team and turned it into this bizarre motivational video.

The silliest clip of the night was this one, part of a series by Internet comedian Marlon Webb. Just watch and enjoy it.

There was also a Bowie animation which will find it's way onto Adam's Bowie Bug Special tour. It's not online unfortunately.

So, not the best of shows as there were no videos that blew me away, and a small number that annoyed me. But it was an entertaining night. 

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